Unable to Bind Avionics Bus 1/2 on MilViz PC-6

Per subject, I am unable to bind Avionics On/Off to any key switch on either the alpha or bravo.
Also unable to bind them on the keyboard.

Ironically, the MSFS version has the same issue. Think its a core sim bug…

You might get a quicker answer on their Discord Server.

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Hi, I have a method using Spad.Next and a custom event that functions fine. PM me if you have full version if Spad.Next and I will let you have the details

Would you kindly be willing to share with me too? I managed to bind most events except some lights and bus#1 & #2. I am still green at SpadNext. Thank you

I don’t have Spad but you need the following commands:

input the values 3 and 4 into K:2:ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE
If you use RPN it will look like this (dots are spaces): 3·4·(>K:2:ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE)

Bus 2:


Take a look at this for further explanation: Aircraft Electrical Events

I saw a post this morning about reseting the warning lights, perhaps that was from you also? Anyhow, here are the scripts. They are a bit complicated because each failure is handled on its own:

Warning reset script:

Caution reset:

And now we’re at it, you might as well get the sunshade script as well:

The only things you can’t do with normal RPN scripts/Spad programming are opening the the Ignition switch guard and Starter switch guard. That’s handled by Bvars. You will need Axis and Ohs or Mobiflight code for that.


For SPAD.next since it doesn’t support RPN:

Create a Client Event:

DO NOT COPY-PASTE RPN CODE! The DOTS will cause it to fail. Type it out or paste it into notepad first to remove the dots before pasting it into SPAD.


In SPAD Next set BUS1 on Alpha to custom client event:

Repeat for BUS TIE and AV BUS 2:


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Thanks for the reply @UnsealedKarma36

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Such super response and guidance. Thank you very much!

Your response exceeded my expectations🙏

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