Unable to Capture Glide Slope on workingtitle cj4 version 12.0

After downloading the latest workingtitle cj4 v0.12.0, I have been unable to capture the glide slope. When I turn on approach (APPR) mode it displays the localizer, and on descent a green diamond appears, which correctly shows where the plane is with respect to the glide slope. However no GS indicator appears. If I am careful I can use VS mode to adjust the descent rate manually, but according to the manual when the vertical glidepath is captured GP should become the active vertical mode and this should show in the display.

The original Asobo CJ4 works correctly. A magenta diamond appears and LOC turns green when the localizer is captured. GS appears in white until the glide slope is captured, and when this occurs it turns green. The Aerosoft CJ4 also appears to work as it should. Any ideas?

Is the Nav/FMC mode in Nav ?

Yes, the Nav/FMC mode is in Nav. I select the ILS frequency on the TUNE selection page, then use CRS to adjust the course for the runway I’ll be landing on. Usually I make a test flight at KPSC with the ILS set to 108.7 and the Course adjusted to 210 (Runway 21R). I have also tried landing at KYKM (Yakima, WA) with ILS set to 110.1 and Course adjusted to 270. Then tried KSEA Runway 34C with ILS at 111.7 and Course at 340. At these 3 airports the localizer is captured, but the glide slope is not. Maybe someone in this forum could tell me what happens after turning to the runway heading and then pressing APPR. As mentioned above, it displays the localizer in white (never turns green), and nothing appears on the display about the glide slope.

If I have a wrong setting somehow, why does the default Asobo CJ4 not have the same problem? In this case there is nothing in the Community folder.

That would be because the default Asobo CJ4 doesn’t have realistic behavior. Yes, it does what it’s supposed to do, but not the way the REAL aircraft does. The WT CJ4 behaves like the real aircraft does, and you are not familiar with the difference.

Did you set the proper ILS frequency in NAV1 ?

It would not be.

The workingtitle cj4 v0.12.0 is much more like the real CJ4 aircraft than the default. You are confused sir.

Can you not read the first sentence in the original post?

“After downloading the latest workingtitle cj4 v0.12.0,”

It is you who is confused.

Most of the time, failure of an autopilot to capture a glideslope is because you are engaging approach mode when you are above the glideslope. In the CJ4 you should be on the localizer, or close to it, and in level flight at the initial approach altitude below the glideslope. Once APPR mode is engaged you should continue at your selected altitude and in the scoreboard in the PFD you should see GS in white. As you fly toward the runway you will intercept the glideslope, the GS indicator on the scoreboard will turn green and move up to the top row and you will begin to descend. I have flown at least half a dozen different ILS approaches in the v0.12.0 CJ4 since it was released and it has captured and followed the ILS every time.

Can you not read the rest of the post?

why does the default Asobo CJ4 not have the same problem?

My answer:

That [the reason why the default Asobo CJ4 does not have the same problem] is because the workingtitle cj4 is more like the real aircraft … and you [@ScarceFan16] are not familiar with the difference.

I’m assuming English is not your first language, but this is what my reply means. Sorry if it confused you.

I am in error.

You are correct.

I did not read the following posts closely enough to see that the plane
being discussed is changing by the same original author.

Please accept my apology.

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My v.12 WT CJ4 doe not capture the GS.

This was my original purpose for reading this thread.

Versions before have.

Anyone know why?

I should add one more step to this. As you are rolling out on the localizer, just before you engage APPR mode, you need to change the nav mode from FMS (the magenta bearing pointer) to the localizer (the green bearing pointer) by pressing the NAV button on the PFD control panel. If you don’t do that you will just be flying an RNAV approach rather than an ILS approach.

That could be the answer but is was not required before v.12.

As to your previous post, I could see the white “GS” on/in the scoreboard
but it never turned green.

The main point I want to stress is to make sure you are below the glideslope before you engage APPR mode. If you are already above the GS, the autopilot won’t descend to capture it.

I’m flying at 3000 ft, and again at 2500, and the AGNSS waypoint is 3,000 FT.

I would think the white "GS in the scoreboard would mean that
the Glide Scope was captured.

If I’m not mistaken, if the “GS” is white then it’s ARMED to capture but not captured yet. Is the GS in the top half or bottom half of the FMA? (is there anything above the “GS”?)

Bottom right.

Anything in white on the second line of the scoreboard means that the function is armed. When it turns green and moves up to the first line it means that it is active. In the real world, everything at Newark is a radar vector to final. So for the KEWR ILS 22R approach the controller would have you down to 3000 before you got to the initial fix at AGNSS. I’m going to fly this when I’m done here but make sure you are at 3000 before AGNSS, activate the localizer as your nav source and then activate approach mode and let me know if it works.

Ok, will do.

Also, there is another thread where others were complaining the same