Unable to change liveries (A320) after update

After the update I’m no longer able to load any liveries for the A320. I don’t have liveries for other planes installed to test. Clicking on any livery in My Hanger repeatedly opens the one that was active prior to updating. I can change liveries from the World page and it looks like it selects it but loading into flight loads the old one. I’ve removed all liveries and mods from the community folder and restarted, I’ve updated via the community manager and restarted. It’s still broken. The only way to use liveries (for the 320 at least) is to remove all liveries and add only the one you would like to use. I suspect there has been a change to the config/manifest files that is causing this but I have no idea what it is.


Gonna try this out myself in a moment…let you know what happens

Ok so I removed all liveries from community before updating
Put them back after update.
Shutdown PC and restarted.
Restarted sim
First thing I noticed is that the EasyJet livery I was flying with before I did the update remains the livery displayed on top left of world map aircraft
Checked in hangar after planning IFR flight from Barajas to Marseille but before pressing Fly.
EasyJet livery is indeed on the aircraft in the hangar
Press Fly (waited a couple of minutes)
Can confirm that aircraft loaded with EasyJet logo

If you have one livery installed it will load and use that livery. Any additional liveries will not work. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times now. So you can have the default +1. That’s it.


Someone has just said that enabling Dev Mode fixes it! Try it out.

  1. enable dev mode
  2. open a new project
  3. go to aircraft editor
  4. Press file > resync

Nope. Doesn’t work.

  1. enable dev mode
  2. open a new project
  3. go to aircraft editor
  4. Press file > resync

How do I do that?

I created a new project but I don’t see anywhere to go to aircraft editor :confused:

EDIT You have to do all of this every time you change liveries? Ughh…

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Let me try this out because for some reason I can’t change liveries either.

How do I get to the aircraft editor???

This “Fix” only changed the livery one time. I had t open the dev console and resync every time I changed a livery.

This game is getting more goofy with each patch.

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How do you get to the aircraft editor portion? I open a new project but I don’t see it

Top of the screen on the left in the drop-down

You’re not helping me out here, can you post screenshots?

Well you go to the bar at the top, click the dropdown and choose “New project”. It doesn’t get much simpler than that…

I get that but I don’t see the aircraft editor part

Click Tools at the top, then click Aircraft Editor

Yes apologies I misunderstood your post. I have the same issue.

It doesn’t fix anything. You seem to have to do it every single time you change a livery.

I believe this may be related to the lack of a MODEL folder within the repaint folder structure.

I have 3 A320 repaints that I can change with no problems. All of the others will not change.

The only difference I can see is a MODEL folder is present on the liveries that are working and this is referenced in aircraft.cfg and layout.json.