Unable to change time during activities

So here is my problem, I live in the US and I’m trying to do the soaring discovery flight in activities and due to the time zone I’m in it always starts in Italy in the dark. As such I’m not able to change the time of day. This is so with any and all default activities that are not in N. America. Is there a way to turn off MSFS from always using my system time or another type of work around. Choosing the menu bar cloud icon is inactive.

I’ll keep looking at it, but that’s really strange. The discovery flights are normally locked into the weather/time/plane conditions, so it shouldn’t matter what the time difference is between where you’re at and the time set in the flight. I just did a quick test of that flight, and it’s about 2200 hours local in Italy right now, and I didn’t start in darkness.
I’ll see what else I can find.
Have you opened anything in dev mode??