Unable to download SU5 hotfix from Store - says I'm "good to go"

Hi all, never had this issue before.

I was expecting to have the hotfix update in the store this morning (I have Game Pass version of MSFS2020). Store says I’m up to date (good to go apparently) but when I start MSFS it tells me that there is a mandatory update and diverts me to the store - where I still have no update available.

Any suggestions / help would be much appreciated.


Weird - got it working by going to the FS2020 game in the store itself and clicked on Launch from there. Then immediately downloaded a 390MB update and now running. My Downloads and Updates section in the Store still doesn’t have the update and I’m still “Good to Go” 😃

Oh well - all good. May be handy just in case anybody else has the issue.

Have had a similar issue, but if you actually go to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 page in the MS Store (rather than check for updates) it should automatically start downloading the update.

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Whatever 2020 page I find in the store says I own the title and when I click launch, it opens the old version of sim without updating. I just finished a flight using version 1.18.13. The store will not feed me the update


Thanks for the tip, got the update going!

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Worked for me too. Thanks. MS needs to sort out their terrible install/update process for this game.

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The Store would never show v , for ~ 16 hours from release: I just started FS, it said a new mandatory update had to be downloaded, MS Store started, but there was no FS update in MS Store, after trying for 16 hours, logging out then in the Store, and trying other things.
So, I uninstalled FS from my PC, then reinstalled from MS Store (after searching FS in Store, install…). At this point, the Store installed
For me it’s not a long install, because the app is on C:, but all the data is on D:\MSFS, so when FS starts after install, I just point FS to “install” on D:\MSFS, and, as nothing has changed, it’s just a 2 minutes check, then FS starts.
I have no idea why the Store never showed v
I should not be that difficult…

Same thing here. I am stuck on 1.18.14. Tried clearing MS Store cache and every suggestion I could find (apart from uninstalling and reinstalling), but the update never shows up. I am effectively locked out of MSFS. Game pass version on PC, if it matters. I will keep you posted in case anything changes.

EDIT: made it! I had gotten automatic updates for Xbox, Xbox game bar and Gaming Services today. I tried to open Gaming Services on MS Store, it was showing as installed and not installed at the same time. Launched it, it prompted me to install it, did it and now update is being downloaded!

This post (actually the edit) should be pinned - it is essential to update the xbox compoents in the Store in order to get the update to going.

Stuck in this endless loop. FS2020: Mandatory update. Go to Store. Store: You are good to go! Does anyone test this stuff? Linking Store to FS2020 was a really bad idea.

Im also still stuck…
Relogged in the store, rebooted my pc and everything is up to date.

no bueno

Got this resolved by starting the game from the Xbox app from the store and then going to the Microsoft Store. I already had the Xbox App (if you don’t try installing it), Windows was fully updated, launching the game directly or as admin asked me to go to the store and couldn’t download it, launched from the MS store and same issue - no updates, restarted my pc and tried all the above steps and same issue. Finally launched the Xbox app, launched the game from within the Xbox app it again asked me to install the mandatory update but this time the update started on the Microsoft Store (600 MB) - launched the game and there you go 2.7 GB update. The underlying issue seems to be with the Xbox app, MS Store and MSFS integrations.

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Big Thanks to you NonGryphon80203!

Your post solved my issue which seems to have been the same as yours.

It is just unacceptable that neither asobo or microsoft provide a fix or even a post to solve this issue. It is the microsoft store on a microsoft OS and a microsoft game, and we still get issues for simple updates! While on steam, gog, epic or other i never had a single problem!!! How is that possible in 2021???

Again big thank from France buddy!