Unable To Download Updates

I was using MSFS quite happily without any significant problems until a week ago when I experienced a power failure while downloading the latest update. After that I was stuck on the ‘checking for updates’ screen. Following Zendesk guidance and advice I eventually reinstalled the Sim. All went well, albeit very slowly, until last Monday when my download speed increased and I managed to download 115 Gb leaving 39Gb to go.
Since monday I have not been able to download a single file. The update system starts running at a low speed, around 1.5Mbps and over the next minute this slows to zero and then very low figures of around 0.02 Mbps. Speedtest shows my system running at around 15-20 Mbps and I have experienced no problems from any other websites. Zendesk have supplied another list of items to check or reset, and I have carried all those out, but it will not download a single file, despite having been left running for days. I have tried every option including a VPN address, but I am stuck on fs base cgl 0. 1.21.fspackage.026 and it will not download a single percent of that. The package name keeps flashing as if it is trying to restart the download, but i have no idea how to resolve that issue.
I have made no hardware or software changes other than those suggested by Zendesk, or any Windows updates. Zendesk have not come back with any further suggestions so I seem to be on my own. No updates, no simulator no real support. Microsoft should be world leaders in supplying software via the Internet, but I fail to be impressed with their systems.

This morning I tried again and the Sim immediately downloaded many small patch files, apparently without any difficulty. Once that had completed I left it trying to download the larger files and after four hours it was still trying to download 026, without any indication of success by showing 0% downloaded. I’m wondering if the Sim has a different system for downloading small files than large ones. Anyway that’s over a week now since I have been able to fly. All reported to Zendesk, but no further assistance from them. So be warned, if you experience a really difficult problem it appears that you are on your own.

Just leave it updating, ignore the looping effect, it is probably actually downloading around 80GB of data replacing files, that is what happened to me. The Update UI is buggy.

It’s been running since Tuesday morning, on average around 6 hours a day and so far has not downloaded a single file. It’s been stuck on package 0.26. Each package seems to be around 1.8 Gb, so surely it should have downloaded 0.26 by now. If the update UI is buggy then why don’t they fix it. Its been buggy since they released the Sim, but they seem incapable of fixing anything.

I know I have reported to Zendesk for what it was worth…

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