Unable to drag and rotate world map

Hi all,

I’ve noticed recently since the new update that I am unable to drag and rotate the world map. What I have to do to get to a location on a particular area of the world is zoom out and zoom in on the area or towards the area of the world I wish to pan in on. Very bizarre and rather annoying, actually.

Try to reset your mouse to default

If you’ve made custom mouse settings, go back to default, then delete your custom. Now create a new custom, if you want, based from the su7 default.

Do not just copy or rename your old custom set, that will not work, because when they add new functions(keys, bindings) to the base xml file that is used by your custom set, it causes a confict or some things just do not work( scrolling the globe).

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This is the best description I have read so far regarding what happens to our input controls when Asobo changes something.

It’s actually easier to accept and work around when you know this. Thanks for posting that.

Hi @TheMaiden4984!

I’ve closed this thread as there’s an existing thread about the same issue, so that we can keep all responses to this issue together and importantly so votes don’t get split between the two. Feel free to continue the discussion over on that thread.