Unable to exit Active Pause

It’s not something I do terribly often however yesterday I hit Active Pause on landing in a rain storm in order to take a screen shot. When I was done I found I was unable to leave Active Pause, insofar at least that the plane refused to move and I had to end the flight there. Is this a known bug or is there something I should have done to get around this?

Last time I checked there were 2 different types of pause with 3 different methods of starting and stopping that pause.

Active pause - no idea why this even exists. It is not a true pause in the sense that it actually pauses everything. (It’s possible for your aircraft to enter a stall etc while in this state)

For active pause there is a simple 1 key toggle which toggles the pause state on/off.

Actual Pause. - This would be considered a true pause in that everything about your aircrafts state is paused while this is active.

This is pretty much buried in the control settings and not mapped by default. It also does not have a “toggle”
For reasons that make absolutely no sense this requires TWO KEYS to be mapped. One for Pause ON and another for Pause OFF.

It would probably have made more sense for this traditional pause to be the default and active pause to be the unmapped option for those that wish to use it. They should also both have a one key “toggle” but…Asobo gonna Asobo.

Also double check you bindings. MSFS threats right / left shift or ctrl keys differently. In my case, I have “the real pause” bound to Right-CTRL + P und “real unpause” bound to Rigth-CTRL + Right-SHIFT + P.

This is heavily bugged since Sim Update 5, because existing the menu also unpauses. Previously, this was a separate thing. The distinction between left and right modifier keys is also new. You can’t have it pause on both CTRL keys plus P, you have to decide. One of many regressions I came to live with…