Unable to get any sound

I can play sound through my speakers fine, but unable to hear anything through my Air Pods.
Every other App / movie / game it works fine, but with this game
I cannot hear anything.
I tried changed the sound options in the program but no dice.

states that I need to change my default sound on my system, but don’t want to keep doing that.
Is there another way to get sound?

I had to change the default. My headset stopped working out of nowhere so I plugged in external speakers. They worked for about 40 minutes and went silent. I switched on my headset and voila it switched without me touching anything. I usually hit the windows key and switch the settings a few times and typically it works…for a while. This only happened once tho.

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it seems to be working now.
But you are right. FS 2020, is locking in the bluetooth air pods, and nothing else will work
had to remove the drivers, and re-install. after that the sound works . but if I minimize FS2020
then I have no sound for the rest of the system.
never had this before with any game.

This is a known issue with any Bluetooth headphones (happened to me with my Galaxy Buds Plus). Here’s the official workaround/fix.


So I have been playing with the sound.
but it’s just awe full with the air-pods . The voice is screeching and it just hurts my ears.
I sure hope they fix this.

Sure it will swich, but you cannot use the Stereo entry, only the Airpod + mic, and that sound is terrible.
The other one is a very good quality, so idk what else to do atm.