Unable to install MSFS since last Friday (17th Sept) - Below text sent to Zendesk

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Stuck on decompresssing
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New install
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I9 10900K - GPU 3080 - 32GM RAM
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Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
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Yes 127060 and 126330

Text sent to Zendesk:

Following my previous ticket (126330) and after 10 attempts in 3 different computers with 3 different routers (in my home and at 2 friends place), since last Friday and until now unable to install MSFS in a computer, always staying stuck on different files.
All the suggestion provided by you were attempted by me including:
What you have published in Zendesk;
Check disk done, in different disks - all them perfect;
RAM check done using standard tool of Win10;
Trying installation on different folders / disks
Running MSFS as Administrator
And a lot of other different attempts
My PC specs: I9 10900K - GPU 3080 - 32 GM RAM - Motherboard ASUS Z490
I’m able to install any other big game as RDR2 for example from Steam. 100GB in around 2 hours
Issues only on MSFS.
Following this, I have the following questions:
Any suggestion about how I can solve the problem as your customer?
Or instead this, you as the software developer will take ownership of this problem and take any actions to solve the issue that several people are reporting on internet?
Or you will keep in silence and only delivering possible solutions to the community that simple don’t solve nothing?
Thanks in advance.

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