Unable to load live weather

If the VPN solution works, it isn’t the simulator, it’s most likely your normal internet provider.
MS/Asobo can do little about that.

It happens with ALL isp’s in Greece, there is also at least one report from Turkey.

Yes, that’s unfortunate, I do see that.
Bear in mind, all a VPN does is establish a different path to the server, not using the path that your normal internet provider does.

To the best of my knowledge, if a VPN works, it pretty well proves the problem isn’t in the sim.

Given the size of the affected area, I would take a guess and say some major internet provider is having problems, or has changed some policies and is now restricting large streams like MSFS.
There are several posts in here from folks whose internet service providers restricted large streams like MSFS, and the poster had no idea that was happening.
If I remember correctly, it was using a VPN that alerted them to the issue.

Could surmise that just through MSFS alone they might have capped their monthly internet allowance.

Live weather and Marketplace greyed out for me. With limited knowledge I have no hope to fix it? Just sit and wait?

No you don’t have to sit and wait, but you could do a search and see if anyone has reported and was able to solve this issue.

This is one possible solution obtained from a search for “Live weather and Marketplace greyed out”


Live weather is back for me.

Same issue for me. Even when I tried to click to activate live weather from the weather menu it wouldn’t let me.

Then I went to general settings, Data and all of my online data was turned off. I always have that on but for some reason when MSFS loaded it turned it off. Once I turned on my live data then I could turn on live weather again.

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I am in Alberta and been having this issue for a while. Most times live weather does not give any clouds at all however baro and wind seem to be live. I’ve tried disabling the ip6 and checked data settings. I am thinking its an Asobo issue however not many seem to suffer from this issue. I will try to delete the A310 as this issue started around the same time of that update, might be some sort of issue with it.


I have the same problem since a few days, no “visible” weather but pressure and winds are live. It must be a server side problem I think. Not related to any addons. At least, I haven’t added anything new lately to my community folder.

Same here, just started happenign this week for me. Does anyone know if there is a bug reported on this?

The bug is this one: Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown
Even if the title says “after a certain time”, some users have that issue since the begining of their flight. Temp & Pressure are ok but there ara no clouds or clouds stop to be injected during the flight.
Some workarounds to try If you are using a PC:
-disable IPv6 in network settings
-Use a VPN

Crazy, yup I had doubts the VPN thing would work but it did. Thank you!


Same thing is happening to me, Winds, Baro, Fog, Is fine, Although no clouds are being injected. I’ve tried disabling IPv6, Using a vpn, And yet no luck. It seems to be 50/50 that it will work, Yesterday i expierenced around and it did indeed work, I tried again and no clouds, Doing a flight right now and i’m getting no Clouds and seasonal stuff (Snow) Would this be a issue on my end or Asobo/MS?

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Did EGKK-KDEN yesterday, weather was working up until greenland, the whole of canada didn’t have a drop of snow at the height of winter, wind and temperatures are correct but no clouds, landed at KDEN in clear skies, reloaded the sim, snow everywhere and accurate weather…

Come on

you deactivated the A310, I had the same problem after the last upgrade, you had a result

From all the posts related to that issue it is more likely an issue between Asobo servers and ISPs, it is not on end users side.

No clouds loading :roll_eyes: thought we’d got rid of Live Weather issues
Sydney, Australia. Currently flying YMEN-YMDG
EDIT: hahaha :grimacing: its actually a clear day with no clouds in Melbourne and enroute, I can now see clouds in the distance :rofl:

I see storm clouds Greece but no rain since yesterday, while the msfs meter is there, it has a date of 251620Z, is it valid or does it only happen to me?

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