Unable to load MSFS after Dune Update -

Looked but couldn’t find this issue covered in the Forum.

MSFS been working fine until today. Loaded MSFS normally. Needed to do the Dune update which seemed to work fine. On completion of the update, loaded a flight fine but the spinning circle continuous bottom right corner if the screen. Shut down MSFS and restarted PC. When I click on the MSFS icon to load game it takes me to Gaming Services website page. Tried logging out and back into account but still takes to that page. Tried loading MSMS from the library but still takes me back to that page.

How can I now load and play MSFS after this Dune update?

Win 10
MSFS store version.


Try restarting MSFS (and your device) as this worked for me.

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Thanks for responding. Tried restarting MSFS - didn’t fix the problem.
Tried restarting PC and this also did not fix the problem.

Don’t know what to do next???

I’m not sure at this point. It is a logged bug so hopefully they will work on it.

Thanks. Perhaps I should also log it as a bug….

Same here…great today with several flights…stutter free and smooth…came home after dinner excited to fly…can’t sign on…getting weird messages I’ve never gotten…Try again tomorrow…restarts done squat for issue…how I ask myself…how? Thanks Hester, much appreciated…

My friend fixed the problem so I can now launch the game when clicking on the msfs icon. He searched internet with “Flight simulator opens up ms store”. That site provides 3 solutions. Seems the issue is with the gaming services app needing attention. We did both the first solution (HKey) and the second solution (gaming services repair). After pc reboot, msfs started normally from the icon.

Yes, this did work for me! Thank you.

After looking at numerous things to no avail, I tried this today. It reloaded core content for some reason but after several restarts and some minor adjustments, it’s fantastic again…made a few flights and things have settled in…I did find this morning that windows tried to update( which failed btw) with the sim open…nothing else was touched but the exit button since my last flight, which was stellar…I updated windows with no issues and still had the same problem before doing the above…I have no answer…but it’s great again :grinning:


Nov '21

Start > settings > apps

Click gaming services > advanced settings> repair and reset.

Restart PC

This was the one I found here that worked for me


Didn’t work for me. It will start with ‘missing files’ or hang on loading. I have spent much of my time fixing this Sim than flying. It has this uncanny ability not to work when I have some time off to fly!!!

I have done and tried all suggestions guess, my icon has disappeared and I lost MSF2020. If I try to start, I get the message MSF2020 is not installed on this PC.
I have came to the point to throw the towel in the ring and quit using MSF2020.
So far for me it has been a waste of money but the most annoying thing, all my precious time wasted on:
Not working up-dates.
Try to find a solution for the problem where MSF keeps on asking for the installation CD, I never resolved that problem.
As I wrote, MSF2020 is a waste of money and time.
I have made the step to Xplane 12 wow what a relieve.
No more programme hanging, doggy updates or other shadowy things.
So I say bye, bye MSF2020, I 'll put my MSF2020 CD box on for sale.

I sincerely hope that the MSF2020 users find the time to fly instead of spending numerous hours on troubleshooting.

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The feeling is mutual

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