Unable to load or save a flight in VR CV1

Brief description of the issue:When I hit esc to go to the save /load menu when in a vr flight, I can not get the window to appear to save.The game just sits there ,nothing happens untill I close the load save screen by alt tabbing…I am using a occulus rift cv1 and the vr works fine no major issues.The only way I can save a flight is to shut down oculus then save and then restart oculus software.This is a bit of a hassle to do as it takes to long.Is there another method to save while flying without having to push esc?I have tried a few thing like changing my moniters screen resolution to its native 1440p instead of 1080p.I have got the game working just fine and followed all the reccomendations.Not sure what to try next .

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Yeah I noticed this too, have to disable VR mode when saving or loading, then jump back in.

Aviatorix try this work around from devjack

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Thanx Stretch I’ll try that!

In VR mode, switching to other windows or minimizing the game is prevented. The load/save flight plan dialogs are just regular windows, so to get them to work in VR, they either need to be reimplemented by the game or the shenanigans about preventing display of other windows needs to stop.

I have this issue as well. I would like to run a headless computer setup, but this bug really throws a wrench in the gears.

I make my flight plans in Little Navmap, so this will hopefully be fixable!

Is this the best place to report the bug, it is there somewhere else I can report?