Unable to move / drag and drop world map

Since the latest release I am not able to click and hold + move the world map. It is required to zoom in and out to move more specific on the world map.

Expected: click anywhere and hold it + rotating the world map by moving the mouse left and right.

This is happening in normal and safe mode. Also community folder had been removed to avoid 3rd party plugin issues.

Any advice?

Chnage your mouse profile to the default, that should fix this.

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Hello, there have been several other topics covering this issue. Before posting, we always encourage use of search to see if any similar topics exist.

As this seems the same, please see this topic with a workaround and advice as above:

The known issues also reflect this:

World Map:

  • Using a mouse with a custom profile will not allow you to pan across the world map. Revert your mouse to the default profile as a workaround, or rebuild a custom profile from the default mapping.

Feel free to add any additional feedback to the linked topic above. Closing as other topics already exist covering this.