Unable to pan world map (using a mouse) since SU7

TL/DR: There is a setting “GRAB WORLDMAP” which you can assign to whatever button you want (usually left mouse button like it is in the Default Profile).

I have basically not read anything in this thread besides the start post and the last few including the xml one and therefore decided to post this. (Found the solution on reddit after looking for it on google).
I had the same issue (couldn’t grab and move the globe with my mouse).
I don’t know exactly what the reason was but after my last flight which is a while back, i switched my mouse and also had to update MSFS2020 today.
I’m pretty sure i never created a separate profile for the mouse and never changed these settings. So either this profile was somehow created after using a new mouse now or because of the update.
In any case, i don’t get it, how this makes ANY sense. Why even have the option to set a button for grabing the worldmap …


Thanks. You saved me a lot of time.

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Sad but true but this is NOT FIXED with the recent patch. I guess I’ll have to create a new mouse profile and be done with it.

Just add Grab Worldmap to your current mouse settings.

Or reset to defaults. I use defaults, and don’t have this issue.

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Yeah, did that. It’s just that a bug fix is, well…, meant to fix a bug, no?

If that wasn’t on the patch notes, then no.

Personally I’d rather they fix things we can’t, adding a command to the mouse is a pretty simple thing. The harder part was figuring out we needed to.

According to the release notes, it was supposed to. See Peripherals at Release Notes

Any ideas what they mean by “Add a slot in Control Menu”?

Thank you so much for the suggestion to reset the Mouse to Default in the Options Controls. This worked perfectly for me. I’ll try playing around with other settings later but I am very pleased to be able to pan the globe with the mouse again.

If you choose a custom mouse setting, they’ve just unbound the grab worldmap from the left mouse button, not sure why. Just rebind it and it’s as good as new.

Thanks for the heads up on rebinding the left mouse button to grab the worldmap in a custom mouse setting. I’ll give it a try!

I did just that (rebinding the left mouse button to grab the worldmap in a custom mouse setting), and now I can’t use the mouse for nothing in the game. Good work MS.

I don’t know who Microsoft as in the QC for this game, but I belive that are just a buntch of kid’s, and NO ONE test this game.

What happen to the controls drop down (Expand) options ? I have a few devices to play this game, and it doesnt expands/contract individualy, I have to do it for all, or for the keys I have assign.

I bound it and all the other buttons still work as advertised, not sure what you did.

Interesting. Change your USB port when your system is in windows mode. Restart MSFS and change to a different controller Profile, Save it and than go back to your default or custom profile that you have modified to pan the world. Maybe that helps.

Nope, nothing works. The problem is that now I have my left mouse button binded to the Grab the Worlsmap, and I can’t access to anything in the game that doesn’t have a keyboard key.

I can quit the game because is assign to the Esc key, but I can’t go to Options because it only is acessed with the mouse cursor AND WITH THE LEFT CLICK.

Does any one knows were are the bind file(s) ? If they are stored in the PC or in the cloud ? I would like to try to delete them.


Had to delete the Mouse binding that was giving me problems.


This is where are all the devices bindings. Even the old ones are there, if you stop use some device.

Since I still had this (original) issue today and finally solved it, I thought I’d just share my now seemingly obvious two cents:
There is a keybind:
options->control options->menu->“grab worldmap”
which I had to bind to my mouse button. Now it works as normal, no resetting of binds needed.
Found it by typing “world” in the search while having “all” selected in the filter.


Thank you very much for posting this! Had no idea that option existed.

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