Unable to pin toolbar windows to virtual cockpit anymore (since one of the last 2 updates)

As we all know the resolution of many vr headsets is not high enough to read every detail in your virtual cockpit. For me it is a nice workaround to simply create a custom closeup view of the desired instrument and assigning a shortcut to that view on my joystick.

This also worked for toolbar windows (VFR map etc.) as these windows where formerly pinned to the virtual cockpit. But since one of the last updates these windows are pinned to camera position. That means if you move your viewpoint in VR the windows follow the virtual camera which makes it impossible to create a custom view of your e.g. VFR map.

Does anybody else bother this or knows a workaround for that issue?

I also wish they would fix this.

You might want to create a bug report for us to vote:
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Great idea!
I’ve moved the topic into the ‘Bugs & Issues’ area. Lets hope for a lot of votes.

BTW: zendesk bug report was already done on day of creating that topic

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