Unable to remove/add windsocks


I want to remove 2 windsocks from the default scenery… but I’m unable to exclude them (sdk v1.9).

I’ve tried with a polygon and an exclusion rectangle but the windsock doesn’t disapear.

If I exclude everything the result is the same.

When I add a new windsock I only have the gizmo, but no windsock is visible…

Am I doing something wrong ?

you need to save, compile and reload the game with the newly compiled scenery to see the effects of the exclusion rectangle removing the windsock (and most other objects FYI). The windsock object placement doesn’t show the windsock until you do the same thing - save, compile and reload. The sock will be visible in the normal flight mode but when you load your project the sock will disappear again, but still be there you can find it in your scenery objects list if you need to select it and modify it further


Thank you @GaiideNinja , that was so simple… thank you for your clear explanation.