Unable to save profiles. HELP

I have the DVD set and FS is installed on a different drive to the C: drive.
I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled FS twice with no success.
The problem is that FS does not save, or make available, any joystick profiles I create.
I use the Preset Manager to create from a blank profile. I validate each button profile and Apple/Save . There appears to be some saving activity as the icon bottom right of the screen shows.
If I then leave the Control setup page the just-created profile is not available.
FS Support tell me that they do not answer individual requests. If the forthcoming update does not solve my problem I am stuck hence I hope someone here can offer some advice.
Thank you in advance.

No one? One of you gurus must have some idea.

Im having the same issue. When I make a new keyboard profile and edit the buttons, half the time the buttons do not save and it reverts to a older version. New profile does not always save. I have the same issues with my controller.

Thanks. Have you any idea where profiles are saved?

I don’t. Someone else asked on this forum and they were told it maybe on Xbox live servers. After playing around last night I got my profile to save and even created a new one. Not sure what I did to make it work. I kept making the same changes over and over until the they finally saved on their own. I bought the Honeycomb throttle quadrant so i’m not looking forward to editing its button layout.

Thank you and well done on getting it to work - somehow.
I would like to buy a HOTAS but until my problem is solved I am not going to.
Thanks again.

I’m trying to save my XBOX 360 Preset, but after close the simulator, it always brings the default buttons back. It makes me mad. Seems to be the same case of you guys… I hope they fix it soon.