Unable to select "Resume"

Hi all,

Tonight I was playing on the sim and hit the ESC key to change a setting, but the options never appeared and I was unable to resume the game.
I simply couldn’t resume but the game hadn’t crashed. I had to select END and exit the flight.
My mouse is on the resume option in the example but I’m unable to select it. Anyone else experienced this?

Seems like a key bind is missing.
From the Main Menu, go to the Controls Menu and assign ESC to “Set Pause Off”.

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Thanks for the advice…it’s odd that I couldnt make any selections using the curser…no?

I posted the same thing a while ago. Didn’t get much help about it.

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Hey, thanks for the response Tim. It’s so frustrating but hey, another bug since SU5…

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I have the same quite often since SU5 - I cannot click any of the buttons and have to use the END key shortcut to go back to main menu. I am not sure what causes/triggers it.

Thats helpful, thanks !
Edit - actually I already have that, it doesn’t work when the problem arises