Unable to start - Press Any Key - Xbox Login

Gosh… I had the DTD issue… and the Hotfix fixed it. All dandy.

Today, tried to start the game, and I’m presented with “Press any key to start”. That’s new!

And then, when I do, I get some Xbox login screen, saying “Welcome Back [MyUsername]”.
And a button, “Let’s go!”.

Click “Let’s Go” and I get back to the black screen with “Press any key to start”.

Press any key, and back to the “Welcome Back…”.

What the hell?

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Run microsoft store app and update xbox app to the latest version 2108.1000.35.0
Update system to the latest version via windows update.
After that sign out from Microsoft Store app.
Restart PC

Run xbox app and sign in.
Run ms store app and sign in.

Run game.


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