Unable to update to SU6

Hi everyone,
unfortunately i’m unable to update my MSFS to the latest version (1.20.6) and I’m stuck on 1.19.9. I have already tried to start the sim through the Xbox app and then search for an update from the windows store but with no luck. Has anyone experienced same issue? Is there anything that i can do except a complete reinstall of the whole sim?
Thank you in advance.

My config:
CPU : Ryzen 5 4600
GPU : RTX2060
OS : W10

You need X-box app and x-box game bar to be installed. Then go into X-Box and click on the three … upper right corner, that should take you to updates. The revelent files can then be gotten and then the game has an update and a bunch of Content manager things as well. There I think is a procedure to follow published by Asobo, somewere in the announcements or general discussion sections of forum.

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Closing topic as a solution was found.