Unbelievable,!wireless keyboard keeps me from running fs

For 4 fricken days ive been pulling my hair out, I wasn’t even able to get to the pre-install screen it would just go blank. I updated all the playstore apps, even upgraded my firmware bios, all this on a new build, Asus rog strict x570-E gaming board, 16gb ram, 1660s video card, 1gb mv and i was ready to give up. Then I figured try a different keyboard and mouse, its an all in one and sure as scratch your butt after changing to a usb keyboard it started up, i am now in the process of dloading the game… just fricken amazing that it was that. Something I could have changed out rt after it was released… incredible…

I have also found that if you have multiple USB ports, some devices only work in some slots. I guess that there is a priority for USB ports?
My external storage drive is not recognised unless it is one particular slot.
I do not have the technical knowledge to know why, but after exhaustive trial and error, located which slot, and now MSFS runs fine.

Sorry for the epic frustration! There have been reported issues during testing and roll out with some wireless devices - some generations of Xbox wireless controllers, some Bluetooth devices, some wireless “dongle” devices. A head’s up or warning would have at least cut down on your wasted time. As noted there are also some “gremlins” with specific USB ports on some system.

I’ve switched to all wired controllers except for a newer gen XBX wireless adapter and had glitch free performance.

It would be sweet to have a glitz free experience to be sure, ill soon know ive got another 10gb to dload thanks

I’m sure I’m gonna run into more issues, and yea usb to be sure. I too have no clue as to why it happened only know it did, still have hair left for the next issue.