(Uncontrollable) During landing

The plane (all) becomes almost uncontrollable during landing.

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That’s fairly vague description of a problem. Could you be more specific? What happens step by step?

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When you enter the standard route for landing, in any of the curves and sometimes just before touching the runway, the aircraft is out of control, as if a strong gust of wind was trying to knock it down. If it is a large aircraft, you will hardly be able to correct it.


Turbulences ? Wind ? Those are pretty spot on after having spent 40+ flight hours in game. Landing isn’t always easy, sometimes it requires constant modifications, sometimes, a go-around is necessary.

You might want to try some adjustments with your controller sensitivities and dead zones. the sim doesn’t seem to like anything set to zero.

I experienced this too several times, but I thought it could be wind shear. I usually noticed it in airports with mountains or hills around. Also, I fly light GA aircrafts

That may be it, but it happened in airports at sea level and with winds of only 2 knots. I tried a few different settings on my Logitech X52 but it didn’t work. I think most likely a configuration in the program that needs some adjustment.

Check if you are on Legacy mode or Modern. People report that somehow they were on Legacy and planes are very unstable in that mode.

If you mean oscillating up/down with aggressive pitch changes when moving elevator control just a little bit, yes , some people are having the same problem. (similar threads in Aircraft subforum)
Not sensitivity nor null zone configuration resolves it. (In my case Saitek X52 Pro)
I submited a request in Zendesk, recommend to do the same if this is what you are experiencing.


Exactly. Thank you

Exactly same issue, I hate landing airliners in the FS2020 because of this “problem”