Uncontrolled Airfield O52 Sutter County

Hi, you can call me: Enki

I am Flying Microsoft Flight Simulator on: Xbox Series S and Windows 10 PC

I want to try flight simulation because: I flew Flight Sim 95 en-route to obtaining my Private Pilots license and would like resume training.

I’m most interested in learning about Flight Planning in Microsoft Flight Simulator: O52 Sutter County Airport is my home base.

O52 is a uncontrolled airfield, Unicom 122.7. When I was a student pilot, I was instructed to contact “Sutter County Traffic 3 miles out for the active” If the wind was from the South the response was “Right Hand Traffic Runway 17” As I approached the pattern I would call out “Aircraft Tail number entering Downwind Midfield at a 45 degree angle for Right-hand Traffic Runway 17” Never Lefthand Traffic Runway 17. This is so we didn’t interfere with traffic out of the Yuba County Airport. I would really like to practice this arrival procedure on the simulator. This may be a big ask but it would make FS 2020 XBox -S a bit more useful.
Here is the Runway Information from AirNav http://www.airnav.com/airport/o52

Runway 17/35
Dimensions: 3045 x 75 ft. / 928 x 23 m
Surface: asphalt, in good condition
Runway edge lights: medium intensity
Latitude: 39-07.669062N 39-07.171587N
Longitude: 121-36.280470W 121-36.363602W
Elevation: 59.6 ft. 57.9 ft.
Traffic pattern: right
Markings: basic, in good condition basic, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 2-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path)
Runway end identifier lights: yes
Touchdown point: yes, no lights
Obstructions: none 65 ft. trees, 1488 ft. from runway, 20:1 slope to clear

Check this out you may be interested


Is this available for the Xbox -S ?

Only on PC but you mentioned you played on PC as well

Yes, I did. Thank you for the quick reply. I primarily use the Xbox now. I will reinstall it on my PC so I can and will check out your mod.

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