Uncontrolled panning of cockpit view going up

I am having a strange issue where in any aircraft cockpit view, the camera slowly tilts up without my input.
I have Thrustmaster T.1600M and Throttle. No manual changes to the default after installation.

If left alone, view stops at the view below:

This makes flying any plane impossible.

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Seems to be related to the “Smartcam” option under cockpit camera settings. If set to left it pans up automatically, if moved to right it stops the auto panning.

I am having same issues, so frustrating. Were you able to fix the problem? When I move the Smartcam slider to the right it stops panning up but as soon as I change wiews again the slider moves back to the Left and the camera pans up to the ceiling. Help.

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Did you find a fix?
Same issue here, except my camera pans down to the pilot’s seat base. Using the toggle button my Thrustmaster joystick allows me to look out the sides of the plane and will reset to normal pilot view out the front but as soon as I take my finger off, the pan starts again until I’m looking directly down. My mouse then won’t allow me to pan manually around the cockpit.