Under Growth: Mishapen Trees

Recent update for USA applied without error, and my community folder is empty.
My trees have a tendency to look unlike most trees in other sims.
Is there something I can do about this?

This isn’t new. Trees have been doing that for the last several updates.

that’s just what Photogrammetry trees look like.


That’s what it is. Photogrammy is basically laser scanning the ground; and it doesn’t understand trees at all.


Those are “regular” trees from photogrammetry. We have to be patient, they will find a way to remove artifacts caused by trees on the photogrammetry data and replace them by autogen trees of similar height and nature. “Photogrammetry palm trees” are even worse and they would look much better if replaced by their autogen version…

Besides trees, can anyone verify if photogrammetry has improved, particularly with downtowns?

That’s just photogrammetry. It’s more accurate to IRL but small details like trees and such are less visually pleasing.

OK, thank you all, I’ll put on my “be more patient” hat!