Underground airbase

Are there any underground air bases that have scenery/are default? Ive seen some pics of real life ones and think it could be a cool addition.

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I haven’t seen in game but it’s an airfield in east Croatia. It’s abandoned IRL but the runway i think still can be seen. I don’t expect it to look very good due to autogen

I’d pay $10 for a Zeljava air base in sim even just to look at.

The Swiss have built multiple military airfields that use artificial caverns as hangars.
I haven’t seen anything with a working underground hangar so far. Certainly not in the default scenery

I 100% agree with you on that. I think it would look sick.

Not surprised that there is no default airfields like that

me neither

I doubt this is what you’re after and it’s freeware PC only (your avatar suggests you’re on console but profile says PC lol) but all I can think of are these fantasy scenes:

Im on pc, the profile is just a default one i had from a while back. just downloaded both an am excited to try them out, they dont look exactly what i was wanting but non the less, they look playable

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