Underwater texture not showing up

I have a problem with my sim loading “underwater” coral reef and sand textures. The best example I could find is Bora Bora Island (nearest airport NTTB), it is supposed to look like this:

(Taken from the latest video released by Xbox: “Microsoft Flight Simulator – Oceania – Around the World Tour”)

In my sim, with high to ultra settigs, it looks like this:

And my friend’s sim, with ultra settings, looked like this:

Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks great as well. However, I’d like to know if there’s a problem with my computer, my settings or the release version of MSFS doesn’t look like what they have shown in the video.

Any ideas?


These are new will be added on update, they are added much as they can world wide if working from Bing see this thread Water Masking.. It's just so Beautiful!

They are all in the sim from Bing, but by default are underwater, you don’t see them, they are updating these manually in the sim to get in higher visible level when those Bing imagery are ok and no real glitch, the masking became visible with editing.

If they would be enabled these all at once, you would see many glitch and layers, would be pretty odd to see, now as usual you would see meh post like “too many tiles shallow awful masking tiles” please fix them.


The devs did talk about the issues with the masking in the video chat last week. There are apparently places where it’s ok, but most areas don’t seem to have the mask everyone expected. They talked about whether the Bing imagery was taken at low tide or high tide, etc. But it’s definitely on their radar!


Thank you so much for your quick answers ExpressTomato52 and Habu2u2.
I guess I should have checked out other threads before posting.

Have a nice day!

Well, that video looks like false advertising then.

I don’t see it either.

Same with Moorea as spotted in another thread. I flew over Moorea and TBH it still looks pretty good in-game but not as stunning as the teaser video

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