Undocking Windows - Strange FPS Impact and Vsync Behavior

I haven’t played the Sim since Dec. Recently I upgraded my CPU (9700K>5800x) and my motherboard, as well as increased RAM (32GB>64GB). I play on a 4K main display with two small 1080p monitors for Avionics and ATC displays. I’m starting with a new install of Windows and the Sim (re-installed from scratch yesterday with the hot fix version). I briefly tried the latest Nvidia drivers but started getting CTDs during brief testing and rolled back to 457.51 drivers from December which seem stable.

I’ve found two things that DO NOT match behaviour from Dec. related to undocking Windows.

First, is that undocking windows has a dramatic effect on FPS. For example, the mere prospect of undocking the ATC window results in about a 20FPS reduction…

Frame rate with no window undocked…

Docked by Virtual-Chris (Junk Photos), on Flickr

Frame rate after undocking window… (Note low GPU utilization and 20FPS loss)

Undocked Vsync Off by Virtual-Chris (Junk Photos), on Flickr

Second, When Vsync is on (60Hz) the frame rate is limited to 30FPS once you undock a window. With no windows undocked, the FPS will remain around 57FPS with vsync on or off.

Undocked Vsync On by Virtual-Chris (Junk Photos), on Flickr

Third, Possibly related to these issues, is that back in December, undocking a Window with Afterburner OSD on, would result in the undocked window also getting an overlay, and the reported FPS being doubled. This is no longer happening.

Can anyone else confirm these observations?

Similarly, I’d love to hear from anyone that doesn’t suffer a FPS penalty from undocking a window, as I’m almost certain I DIDN’T suffer a FPS loss back in December. I’d like to know if it’s possibly something in my setup or something recent in the sim.

here the existing issue thread about “undocking windows” ( with already votes on it )

That’s not the main problem I have. The more important issue for me is that when I undock a window it has a 20FPS impact on performance and my GPU utilization drops to 70%

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ah… but then better focus on these one issue and we track the v-sycn issue in the other topic :slight_smile:

( if it is not because the fps are limited because v-sync and your gpu is idle then )

So, there is still no fix/workaround for the FPS drop, right?
Thats a bummer.

Not as far as I can see, don’t forget to vote on this and the related thread linked above, hopefully we can get them to look at it.

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