Unexpected CDTs flying in USA

Slightly strange one, so I thought I’d ask here!
I’ve mostly been flying UK routes since owning MFS2020 with some longer flights into France, and the occasional European flight.
Haven’t experienced many CTDs at all, despite the fact that my system is pretty poor. I’m running on low to medium settings though and getting reasonable frame rate.
Have just bought the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo which are simply amazing bits of kit, and have had no CTDs since using them until this evening.
I thought it high time to explore further afield and am planning on doing a gradual round trip of the USA.
First leg from NY Kennedy Airport to Philadelphia went without a hitch.
Second leg is from Philadelphia to Washington KIAD - which is where the recurring CTD has occurred yesterday and today.
Getting some really strange bits -
Start up the avionics, and my Bravo Gear indicator stays red when it should be green. By engine start, the lower left gear light turns green…by the time I’m rolling down the runway, the gear indicator is full green and goes red when I put the gear up.
Now that doesn’t bother me too much - I know the Bravo is ok as I tried a different aircraft and the Gear indicator started with 3 green lights straight away - a glitch then.
The flight is fine until around 40 miles out - then a radio call - then freeze up - then CTD.
Haven’t been able to complete this leg yet.
I was just wondering what might be causing it - anything to do with Cache?? Or the aircraft which is the Beechcraft King Air??

I was going to try to do the leg tomorrow in the Beechcraft Baron to see if the aircraft initially was the cause somehow…

Anyway - if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to read them!

Thanks for reading all this.

Yes, this is a known bug with a work around if you don’t want to wait for SU7.

Ermm, which bit is the bug??
The area I’m flying in?
Or the aircraft?
Thanks for your reply!

Ah - sorry - bit slow on the uptake there…

The area!!!


Must admit, I’d not heard of this St Andrews bug…

It’s the area around Washington DC.

And welcome to the Colonies!

(Maybe this is just a ploy by Microsoft to keep the Brits from waging a second War of Independence?)

I come in peace!!!

Your suggestion though could well be a plausible one though!!!

As we lost the first War of Independence, I see no chance of us winning a second one!!!

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Closing as there are other topics opened discussing this.