Unexpected Engine Stop on Kodiak

Using the Kodiak 100 in MSFS on XBox Series X. On almost every occasion, when I move the Fuel Condition Lever from Low Idle to High Idle just before takeoff (and also High to Low in the cruise), the engine stops. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but would appreciate any help.

Are you moving the lever with a button bind or the cursor? Is there a possibility it is being moved to the cutoff position, even for a split second.

From takeoff to landing you should keep the condition lever in high idle. It should only be in low idle on startup and while taxiing.


Thank you for your input. I do keep the lever in Low Idle while taxiing. The problem is when I line up for takeoff and apply the parking brake for final takeoff checks. When I apply High Idle, the engine stops.
It’s got me baffled.

Are you getting a loud bang before it cuts of?:smiley:

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No. The engine just slowly loses power. The only quick fix is to activate the fuel pump and select Hi Start again.

I am moving the lever using the cursor controlled by a mouse. It does not appear to go anywhere near the cutoff position. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Sounds like it is some kind of control binding issue. If you go into your controls menu in MSFS and do a search based on whatever button you are using to see if it is duplicated. I am not familiar with the X-Box control. I personally use a TQ and I have never had an issue like this.

Thank you for that. I will certainly look for possible duplicate button assignments

I’ve run into the same issue but never got around asking on their discord. I recommend using the support on the discord server. They helped me quickly when the start up procedure changed. They are very active on there.

Sorry. Not sure what you mean by “support on the discord server”.
What I have done is post a ticket on the developer’s website but I have had no response. If you meant something else, could you explain how I do that. As you can tell, I am new to this type of forum and I’m unfamiliar with some of the phrases used. Thanks


They have a link on their site under contact us… Discord is similar to a forum but it can be more organized. Many Devs use Discord. Working title also has a really good Discord server. I can’t recommend enough. It is having direct access to the people who develop the products. Others also chime in as well. You have a question it will or already has been answered

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Many thanks for the link and the explanation.

No problem, Anytime

I did some testing on this issue, the problem is that the lever currently has no deadzone or time delay before moving into cutoff, even the most microscopic split-second movement towards cutoff, due to sensor noise or the camera moving slightly, will cause the engine to quit.

A workaround is to keep the ignition on, as this will allow the engine to “start again” after the split-second cutoff. Alternatively you can use keybinds which avoids the risk of moving the lever into cutoff.

I’m lucky perhaps in that from cutoff to low idle I have to advance my physical lever to a little under 50%. Then there is a much smaller arc that brings me to high idle. I pretty much have this committed to muscle memory now. It would be much more convenient if the axis could be configured independently so I could specify exactly where on the axis each of three states are.

Thanks for the suggestion on the ignition switch. That’ll be the next thing to try. Many thanks

I am experiencing the exact same issue. What was the final solution that you found? Thank you.

Sorry. I have been away from Flt Sim for a while. I am not aware of any other solution. Unless there has been a fix I am not aware of, leaving the ignition switch on seems to be the only work around.

Thank you. It turns out it was a binding issue as mentioned above. Thanks for responding and I hope you come back to flight sim. :slight_smile: