Unexplained Hard Roll to the Left

I had a very odd thing happen during a flight with the G36. On takeoff I felt like I was accelerating slower than normal. Also the rudder pedals were unusually stable, like it wanted to just keep going straight without guidance. I have 180 hours in the airplane so I knew something felt weird. I quickly verified everything was set correctly, including trim.

At takeoff the airplane rolled hard left and the wing tip hit the ground. I had to keep the ailerons about 90% rolled to the right to counteract the roll.

I verified control surfaces were all operating correctly (I have an input viewer panel). Fuel was balanced. Crosswinds were mild. One thing I forgot to check was the pilot weight setting. That’s about the only other thing I can think of, is for some reason it was set to 1000 lbs or something crazy.

I restarted the sim and it was all back to normal.

The last time I had that happen was when I’d accidentally switched to the legacy flight model, rather than modern. :thinking:

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I’ve never even used that one. My best guess is something got bugged in the weight/loading.

I think I’c selected it by accident (keystrokes) and as soon as I unstuck the aircraft rolled right over onto its roof. Haven’t had it since. Hope your one stays fixed too.

I’ve had unexplained rolls and I almost believed that moving the camera position in the cockpit affected the center of gravity, but for the most part it turned out to be related to my usage of freelook. But there are other times where it seems the autopilot causes it too.

Sounds like a typical situation when the AI Pilot is ON, when you are trying to fly the plane yourself… (or AP is on, or was turned on when you were on the Ground)

I had checked the auto pilot too. The AP wasn’t able counteract the roll when I did engage it. It would just disconnect when trying to fly heading mode.

The slow acceleration on takeoff has me thinking weight loading bug. I think that’s why it felt so easy to keep on the center line. The right wheel came up first and the left wing scrapped the ground. Airspeed was also slow and climb rate was sluggish.

Make sure your flight model is “Modern”. Sounds very similar to the issues others have using particular aircraft with Legacy.

I’ve never even had legacy turned on. Perhaps it was for the session some how?

I’m disappointed I didn’t try landing like that for an extra challenge.

MSFS is notorious for having settings changed on its own without you knowing. It’s always a best practice to check and recheck the flight model to make sure it’s still on Modern.

Also, a good idea to set all assistance settings to True to Life/Hard everything. And add some deadzone to all your control axes. This is to elimiate any assistance trying to “do it’s own thing” where you don’t expect it to, and to avoid micro inputs from your hardware to feed the command to the sim.

All that checks out to how I’m set.

I have the input viewer panel, which shows where all the control surfaces, throttle, mixture and prop are set. So I could tell it wasn’t anything related to controllers, inputs, etc.

Okay, I guess you’re all set up. It’s probably just one of those days.

Those days happen way too often! :laughing:

I came close to duplicating the flight characteristics by loading the left tank to 100%, right to 0%, removing the copilot and making the pilot 1,800 lbs.

The AP refused to work under those circumstances too.