Unexplained settings in Controls menu

Does anybody know what these settings in the Controls menu mean? Are they meant for VR or something?

How to select an instrument as the explanation says?

Maybe someone has clue what these settings are for and how to use them.


If you have a spare key, or key combo, you could try one to see what it does.

They are pretty vague. Decrease what? :man_shrugging:

Cockpit Interaction - Increase

Maybe gets the co-pilot to go back to the galley to get me a cup of coffee?

But yeah, dozens of settings in the menu with no explanation of what they do or how to use them.

The top 3 are what your mouse does. You point at something with the mouse pointer and that’s the “primary action”. Your mouse left-click should be set to that. Then you roll the scroll wheel, that’s the increase/decrease the primary action item. I haven’t figured out how to set a secondary or tertiary action yet and make the increase/decrease work with those.

I understand what you mean allthough, this functionality is already assigned to the mouse by default in FS2020. Not necessary to assign this in any, not even the default mouse profile. Or do I miss something?
I noticed the functions can be assinged to joystick buttons also but nothings happens at the instruments after assigning them.
So still not clear what to do with these settings.

Please open a Zendesk ticket for this requesting clear documentation.

There isn’t any at present and the best way to get better documentation quicker is for more people to keep asking them.