Unfair to Digital downloaders Box copy gets huge manual

Box version users get a huge manual but digital downloaders get nothing.

I asked Microsoft would they be supplying digital down loaders with a pdf version of the manual hand book that comes with the box set with the disks.

They said they would not be supplying the hand book manual even in pdf format that comes with the boxed version to digital players.

they also said if you want the manual buy the boxed version as well.

I wonder if I get a $179 discount on that.

wow $179 doesnt entitle you to a manual hand book that is supplied to microsoft flight sim owners.

Thats a bit poor.

Shame Shame.

It Looks Like they were too embarrased to do it, or just maybe too busy


Funny, they told me the same thing.
paid $119 and not even a manual.


will it’s not like FS2000 handbook that thing was huge and full of detail for any one want to learn how to fly for real if you want DM and i will send you a PDF copy of the 2000 version

also you can see it on youtube it’s not that great of a handbook TBH


The manual from the box is everything but “huge”. It’s DVD-box sized and rather thin.(~3.5 mm if you want it that specific) and doesnt’ contain any substantial information whatsoever.

There are exactly four pages about flying an airplane, all the rest is very general information about the installation procdure, the menus and the exact same airplane descriptions you can find in the ingame hangar.

So there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. As Schwarz said above, if you want a decent Microsoft Flight Simulator manual that teaches you anything about flying, take a look at the manuals of FS 2000 and FS 2002. They can both be found online.


If you have a pdf copy that would be greatly appreciated thanks

Thats just sad sorry

i have the 2000s copy but it still amazing compare to what you get with the box 2020 version
if you want the 2000s i will upload it now

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If its pdf could you paste it so every one may benefit from your solution ??

ok this is the Flight Simulator 2000 user manual

i used to have the physical copy but i lost it looked for it for days and couldn’t find it and i found this in some website a month ago still good :grin:


what do you think of it ?

Great job.
Better than what you get 20 years later thanks heaps

If they did a good pdf manual they could add and add to it

yeah back then they cared alot about manuals and making sure every one learn every thing about the sim but now you have to wait for a youtube video to show you how to do it
wish they make a full manual like this i would buy it

BTW the manual wasn’t free you have to buy the professional version to get it and from the price you get that you actualy paid for the manual

i posted a link for FS2000 manual

Thank you !

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I don’t really need it though. I still have the printed original lying around here… :smile:

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Manual option - https://www.simshack.net/products/guide-to-flight-simulator-msfs-tutorials-1771




holy cow…244 pages !!!

hi, can I get one? thanks