Unidentified warning sound after last SIM update on Citation Longitude

Good day guys,

I have noticed after the last update that a really annoying warning sound shows up when I start the C700 cold and dark. Also Parking Brake and Oil Pressure are marked as fault (red) until I start the engines and release the Parking Brake. I never had that before, but I didn’t want to declare this a bug until I am sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

Has anyone experienced this? Am I at fault here? Thanks for any help.

It’s a bug and has been mentioned multiple times already.

I’ve had that along with low voltage and cabin pressure above 21000…all controls that I can find for these functions indicates they are not changeable and the warning signals are labeled backwards…the system cautions should be yellow, the system warnings should be red…nothing but “bonging” sound when flying above FL210.

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It’s multiple aircraft with multiple warning chimes that can’t be turned off. Everything from parking brake chime (can only be turned off if the engine is running and parking brake released) to cabin pressure, etc etc.

The only way I found to stop the alert noise is to go into the Sound settings and reduce the ‘Warnings’ to zero.

Hey I just noticed a new WT 3000 update here. It shows to have been released yesterday and is compatible with SU6.

I just found it so I haven’t downloaded it yet. Perhaps it will address these problems.

EDIT: Well the chime still goes off while the parking brake is applied, so no luck there.

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