Unimportant Post: I missed the Beta

I have been absolutely loving the VR experience, but was disappointed that I wasn’t selected for the Beta, given the fact that I had a system very close to their ideal.

Today, I realized that my MS account is tied to my outlook address, which I don’t check often:

I was invited on October 30. Sigh. I could have been helping all along.

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Nevermind. What’s done is done. Look to the future.

Glad you’re enjoying the VR experience anyway. Me too. I don’t think it’s too bad for a version 1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I’m not too beat up about it. Just wanted to share my goof.

I hate saying it but…“me too”.

On the other hand I think it’s funny that MicroSoft’s own emails to my MicroSoft Outlook Hotmail account go straight into the junk folder.

You’d think they’d have the wit to code it and prevent that!

It could have been worse: there were from time to time people missing the email Valve is sending for the Index when it is ready to ship. After 1 week, you lose your turn… This summer the wait time could have been at least as long as 12 weeks…

Oh wow. That would be a big oof.

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No you “lose” your turn.

You “loose” an arrow!

Sorry :sunglasses:

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thanks! corrected now!

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My MSFS alpha invite (for the alpha version, not vr) was also hanging out for 10 days in my spambox before I found it.

Look on the bright side, we are still in Beta and you are testing now. :wink:


Savage but true.

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Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons ?

Most things in here don’t react well to bullets. (RIP Sean.)

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