Uninstall Trouble

I am having nothing but problems with the game. After playing with another forum member and him seeing first hand my troubles I have decided to try an uninstall the game. Problem being I can not find the game file to uninstall. The only part i can uninstall is the Steam portion. When I originally installed the game, I assumed it would install under my steam launcher file. But it did not. So my question is does anyone know where the 95 GB portion would have installed by default if I did not choose a specific place for it to go??

Try right click on game in steam library and select properties.
Click local file. Believe option to delete local files there.
Apologies if not as have M$ store install

Yea, I can delete the Steam portion no problem but I can not for the life of me find the other 95 GB

Try User appdata local. File coukd be hidden

where do i find that?

try this location

%appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\

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If you bought this through steam, and if you uninstall it via steam, if that does not completely remove the entire product – that would be the first title I’ve ever seen where that happens.

That said, it probably doesn’t delete the cache – that location you specified (or took the default) during initial install? Yeah, that probably resides under your %USERPROFILE%\AppData\local\Packages\MIcrosoft.FlightSimulator

It actually has an underscore (_) after the above, and a long jibberish text/numerical string

But other trhan that cache location, the game should uninstall like any other. You can even do it outside of Steam, in control panel “uninstall applications”

That’s where it is for the package update as a friend copied it for me so could get past update download bug.

I uninstalled the game via Steam. i then searched through everything trying to find the 95 GB. After not finding it, I reinstalled the 500 MB via Steam. Started game, and unlike the first time starting it up after initial Steam install it did not have me sit through the 95GB install. It just loaded the game as if everything were installed. so IDK what to do here. I want to start over. Are you saying I need to delete the cache? Im sorry but Im not as computer savy as most of you here, Im failing to understand what you say i should do

Thank you so much! this led me directly to it. Fun fact, there were 64,268 files or whatever that were attached to this game lol. That being said, I was finally able to completely delete and am now reinstalling 95.15 GB! Heres to hoping it fixes my issues!

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