Uninstalling PG city files to boost FPS. What actually are those files?

I’m curious as to what is included in the small PG City files in the content manager that once deleted seem to make the sim run so much smoother. I was having issues around Los Angeles and San Diego (among other places across the globe) with all of those PG city files installed… Deleted them and restarted with much higher FPS… But… I still had photogrammetry appearing in those areas. Do those files pull in ‘better’ or ‘newer’ PG or something?

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What I’m saying is I still see photogrammetry after removing the WU photogrammetry files… So do they simply add updated or higher resolution photogrammetry? LA was not noticeably different (besides 10+ more FPS) with the photogrammetry city files removed.

did you try turning off PG all together in the settings? I’m sure if that is on, regardless of how much you delete the files on your computer, the game will stream them back in

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I’ve left the PG setting on in the menu, which makes me question what is in the WU PG files that, once removed, lets the sim deliver much better performance…

Quick question.

Do you have cache enabled and what happens if you disable/delete the cache function?

(I’m wondering if the PG you were seeing was cached)

I don’t. I upgraded my connection to 200mbps so now fly without rolling cache / deleted existing.

So again, Did you try turning off PG all together? Do you get a performance boost without PG enabled or is it the same?

With PG off in settings slight performance boost as I’d imagine. I want PG on for enhanced quality of scenery. Which is why I’m surprised I see perfectly acceptable PG with perfectly acceptable FPS WITHOUT the various WU PG cities installed, begging my original question: What do they actually add (besides tanking FPS)?


Interesting investigation. Looking forward to see where this goes.

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I just reinstalled the GOTY photogrammetry cities and loaded into KSMO and have 30+ FPS (with all of the PG cities installed I struggle to reach 15).

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Somebody should probably check whether LA was one of the photogrammetry cities included in the base sim which wouldn’t require any world updates to add it.

Edit - I have in my notes that LA, San Diego, and Santa Monica are all included in the base sim already.

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This is why I don’t install any photogrammetry (PG) content, and just keep Photogrammetry off in my Data Options.

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You say you deleted those files and dont use rolling cache. But you see photogrammery scenery.
Have you checked whether after flying those files have reappeared?
Bearing in mind you havent switched off photo scenery in the settings. So I would expect those files to be reloaded.
If they are then the FPS increase might be explained due to clean files being installed. In which case, should they have reappeared deleting them a second time should not increase your FPS.
If my assumptions are correct then deleting these files now and then could be good housekeeping. But all this is conjecture at this point.

With this setup you’re not getting ANY photogrammetry, right? I’m trying to find why a combination of PG on (so I still see it) and the files deleted, gives an FPS boost. PG off completely isn’t an option because I like flying over PG.

All I can imagine is that the base PG in some areas is in the sim regardless of the WU PG files, so with PG on in the settings we can see and fly over it. The WU PG files in the content manager perhaps add PG to cities areas that do not have it in the base sim - and unfortunately, with all installed, bring with them a significant FPS hit even when not flying over those areas.

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Just a question because I havent tried that yet: Do you still see the PG city skyscrapers from as far away as with those PG cities installed?
We know that the PG cities are downloaded (and stored in your cache if enabled) but the ring of data that gets downloaded appears controlled by the LOD setting.
On my system, those PG tall buildings appear and appear correctly (not triangles) from a distance that is farther than my LOD setting would allow.
Maybe those downloaded PG cities are a mesh model which allows them to be seen properly from a distance?

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Yeah LA was there right from the start. Back in August 2020 whatever photogrammetry Bing had was mirrored in the sim.

i may be way off the mark here but it seems we may be using the wrong terms here

afaik Photogrametry is Always streamed, isnt that the ai created scenery that uses satellite imagery?
hence how you can ‘turn it off’ in the “Data Settings” (to reduce data usage?) - and then afaik you Cant turn off ‘packages’, you can only remove them, if so photogrametry isnt in the packages folders or it would be always active

then what your ‘uninstalling/deleting’ may be the HandCrafted airports? if so your just replacing the handcrafted airports with basic photogrametry, still good but not custom and probably that would be ‘easier on fps’ since its all default textures and no custom models and such

There are files in the in-sim content manager with titles like ‘GOTY Photogrammetry Cites’ and ‘WU Japan Photogrammetry Cities’ etc… One for each WU. With all installed something in the background tanks FPS.

I think we’ve established that the Southern California PG I was seeing with these files uninstalled was due to that particular area being part part of the sim’s initial PG offering.

What I don’t understand is what is in those tiny PG files that effects FPS in an area where nothing of those files is present?

Get to the bottom of that and many of us will be able to fly with PG on in settings, all of the additional PG from the tiny WU PG cities files, and respectable\flyable FPS.

I have a decent RTX2080 and a modest old Ryzen 5. This issue is the only thing preventing me from achieving 30+FPS on all ultra settings with live traffic and weather. I know because that’s what I get (even over base PG areas like LA) without the PG cities files installed. With the files installed I get 15-20 FPS over LA - despite LA not being part of those files…

Another anomaly: PG London from the UK update has always been smooth with the files installed…

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