Unit of measurement

Hi, I’m new here.
This sim is fantastic!

Just one question, noob question.
There is a way to change altitude to meters?
And can we change speed unit too?

It seems that you can’t change it. The only thing in all the settings I can find relating to imperial or Metric is the keystroke setting for AP Altitude Reference, and AP VS, neither of which are assigned to a key.

There might be a manual that tells us how to at some point. TBH, I’m pretty surprised that there wasn’tat least a quick guide in pdf form for day 1.

They told me in Reddit we can’t change it because that’s a standard.

"A long time ago (1919, correct me if I’m wrong) it was decided at the Paris convention (among some other stuff) that knots and feet were the way to go in order to avoid confusion during in-flight navigation. And avoiding confusion means less accidents.

There are some fatal examples of what happens when you convert stuff in aviation.

And there’s some other reasons to stick to feet and knots instead of meters and kilometers per hour."

I agree with you with a missing manual in day one.

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Better tell that to the air forces of the world. Especially the French & Chinese & Russian influenced nations. They might not have heard yet :wink:

{ersonally, I prefer Knots and Feet. I am British after all… but it really isn’t a world standard, it’s really just that the USA still uses that standard, and they currently have the greatest influence. I certainly recall French aircraft using metric on their instrumentation. Some East European countries have used both. IE Knots for Speed & M for altitude.

Yes indeed. Case in point: the Robin that you fly in the Courcheval landing challenge… The “intro” to the challenge suggests approach and landing speeds in knots but the airspeed indicator seems to use km/h

So maybe a day they will add the option to change it :thinking:

They are aware of it. During a Q&A a couple weeks ago in the beta forum they were asked about it and responded that the ability to change units was “a great idea”.

In some of the airliners, like the 747, there is a MTRS button in the cockpit, which will display the altitude in meters, in addition to feet, when pressed. That is useful in the few countries that use meters for air traffic management below the transition altitude, mainly Russia:


Ah ok.
Hard plane to fly but thank you :+1:t3:

Yes it’s not that easy to fly, and is currently extremely buggy, which makes it even harder. I will try it again after the next patch, and I’ll try flying something else until then.

That’s why I could not even approach to the airport.
Ok, I’m not an expert but it was very hard to do it.

Anyway this sim is marvelous!