United States Aircraft Boneyards

I found one while flying in the beta test phase that was beautifully rendered.

Since, I have tried searching for others. Mojave, is there, but no boneyard around it. Another one, Pinal in Arizona is there but no aircraft around it.

I think it would be really true to life for Microsoft to include these, for they have them in the real world, It would be a fun idea too for Microsoft to have a “Final Flight” activity when they retire the 747. That would be a fun but sad time, bringing the Queen of the Skies to her resting place.

Expect it will probs be a DLC package for stupid money.

Can you see the 2D image of the stored aircraft on the ground, and it just hasnt been rendered into the 3D polygons?

It was modeled with the larger of the aircraft having 3D features. The rest were ground polygons, but it still looked cool flying over…

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