Universal MCP by Circuit Avionics Has anyone got this?

I accidentally came across this piece of hardware and wondered if anyone has seen this or purchased it?

Is this any good?

It seems like they are being made by a small company/individual but appears to be very high quality. It’s made from laser cut steel and looks very accurate. They even sell a radio panel. Again looks very sturdy and well made.

Compared to others out there this is very good value for money at £449. Most others are in the region of £800!

Although it seems quite new I’m surprised nobody has mentioned about this on the forum.

Hi TearlessFiend27
Just spotted your message here on the MSFS forum. I am the creator of the MCP and Radio, which have a growing number of customers. Just this week suport was added for PMDG 777 with more aircraft to come.
Happy to answer any questions you might have. Customer feedback has been great.

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I can vouch for both the quality of this guy’s products and his customer service. I have owned the radio unit for about a year and it’s really well made and extremely good value for money. Added to which the customer service is fantastic. I had an issue when Mobiflight upgraded a few months back and couldn’t figure out how to sort the connection to the radio myself. Support reached out to my pc and I was up and running in no time. Heartily recommended!

I should have added a note on the post to say that I actually purchased the autopilot from you a couple of months ago. It’s a fantastic product and very well made. Thanks for adding support for the 777.

I can highly recommend this to anyone looking for an MCP you won’t be disappointed.

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