Unlit airfields

I’m guessing unlit small airfields with no ILS are a no-go at night either IFR or VFR in real life? Even in IFR, I have real difficulty in identifying a grass airstrip for landing!

You’d have to have a death wish to try to land at an unlit field at night, even with the best landing lights. The only way to get enough light on the field from the plane would be to have lights that would end up melting the wings off.

If you know the runway designations then why not? If they’re say 6 and 24 then they run east to west, so figure you wind, make your approach and land, if your unsure, just fly a low pass over the airport 1st.

Though I remember on that airplane repo show, think it was Mike Kage, had someone fly in before him, and move a bunch of vehicles to light up the runway you could try that.

pretty much.

I Could have sworn there was tech in development that replaces the front windows of an airplane with like a semi-transparent glass that acts like giant nightvision goggles but across the cockpit windows

I suppose you might have better luck during a full moon…