Unlocked Jack Of All Planes Today!

Let me know what happens!

Yes you can use the Ai pilot no problems.
If you’re going for it I think it’s best to keep a note of the ones that you’ve done and make sure the tracker goes up 5% each time, I had to redo a few because one did not count.

just flown the JMB from EGLL to EGPD (Heathrow to Aberdeen) was on 75% now 80% just to figure which planes are missing

After 250 hours I’m finally inspired to do this without any AI assist. Because I’ve been addicted to increasing sim rate I was only at 5% so it’s easy to create a chart of all the planes and cross each off as it increases 5%. I had to unmap sim rate key-binding, though, to avoid accidentally hitting it. I’m assuming you can’t “re-fuel” en route so have max out fuel on smaller planes and plan carefully to make it at least 261NM without running out of fuel.

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I was finally able to reverse-engineer which planes had previously registered before I started tracking.

A couple things I’ve noticed.

If you have a slow plane, feel free to go to preset weather and give yourself a very strong tail wind! Just be sure to turn off gusts, and only slowly increase and decrease the wind to prevent stalls and over-speeds.

I’ve increased fuel in flight with the fuel menu, and that has not prevented it from registering complete.

You can’t fly with any improvement mods. So, don’t fly the TBM with Mugz mod, for example, fly it stock. That’s how I finally got it to register.

Having the G1000 NXi installed was no problem, so no need to uninstall that. I completed a leg with the C172 G1000 with NXi.

I haven’t tried AI piloting. That will come in handy when flying the other planes w/o any type of autopilot.

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another small question does pausing to menu not register the flight?

I have completed flights and used the ESC key pause often.

i would test it but im not sure what planes are missing out of the 80% done :slight_smile:

As I work through the list of 20 planes I can say the key things for me:

  • You can enable “AI pilot” anytime (useful for planes without auto pilot)
  • You can refuel in the air.
  • 261NM+ is all you need.

The biggest annoyance:

  • I can’t figure out how to prevent it from going to the “options” screen after a short period (10-15 mins?) of not touching the controls, but hitting esc and going back doesn’t affect achievement.

Being forced to fly each of the base planes for a few hours I’m realizing there are some really good ones in the base game, and it’s fun planing the routes and doing them in real time. I also do a quick test flight to make sure I can land the plane easily before starting a 2-3 hour flight.

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just completed it and the landing rate was -35 in the zlin savage cub with poor visibility and 12kt sidewinds

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congatz! I’m glad it worked for somebody!

My progress was halted recently when I couldn’t figure out why my flights would not register against this achievement. At first I thought maybe it was SU9 beta, but after several experiments the best I can determine is you need to make sure you are going between “towered” airports with ATC. That’s the only thing I could see that was different between my “fail” vs" success" flights and making sure I get clearance, etc. for take-off and landing. I’ve done all the easy ones but the “hard” ones are left (slower planes with no AP).

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