Unnatural Behavior with Speed Tape Restriction During Approach – Airbus FENIX 320

Hello everyone,

I’ve been experiencing a serious issue with my Airbus FENIX 320 over the past few days that occurs during the approach phase. The Speed Tape Restriction is showing very unnatural behavior, leading to significant difficulties. Here are the details:

1.	Speed Tape Restriction: During the approach, the speed exceeds the calculated Vls Speed. This is particularly problematic as the computed Vls Speed is not being maintained, and the indicated speed rises suddenly and unexpectedly.
2.	Alpha Floor: As a result of this behavior, the Alpha Floor keeps activating. This means the aircraft switches to Alpha Floor Protection Mode, which causes an automatic thrust increase to prevent a stall. However, this behavior occurs in situations where it doesn’t seem necessary.
3.	Aircraft Hard to Handle: Due to the constant activation of the Alpha Floor, the aircraft becomes almost unmanageable during the approach. Controlling the aircraft becomes significantly more challenging, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

I’ve already checked various settings and parameters but haven’t found a solution. This issue has been consistently present for the past few days and affects every approach.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or knows what might be causing this problem? Are there any known solutions or settings that should be checked to correct this behavior?

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice!

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This happens to me if setting turbulence> low. Higher is very unrealistic and erratic.
BTW: You’ll get much more/better/quicker answers on their Discord. It’s were all the activity takes place on the Fenix.