✈[UNOFFICIAL FS20 VFR] "Alaskan Bush Pt 1"

Thanks to LittleNavMap, we now have a huge database of airports that MSFS just can’t keep up with :man_facepalming: So let’s take it to a whole other level with these! Part one of a six part series, we’re going to be touring Alaska the only way… In style, 500’ AGL! This short journey takes us from Kobuk (OBU) to Wein Meml (PAOT). Like I said, you won’t find these in the system… so use the FPL file below. You will spawn airborne above the field, and need to come in for a landing with the gang! From there we’ll hop along in the X-Cub for about an hour or two from strip to strip. See you!


Settings are as follows :
All Players
Live Traffic
Clear Skies - Static
Server - Southeast Asia

FLIGHT PLAN : VFR Kobuk (OBU) to Wien Meml (PAOT).pln (8.8 KB)
UNOFFICIAL FS20 DISCORD (VOICE COM) : https://discord.gg/Q3QE6XvRUa