Unowned Aircraft and Liveries should be Syncronized

Hello everyone,

I just got back into Flight Sim. I used to fly in FSX daily and would fly with my friends for hours. Granted that was 9 years ago… but that is where the problem started.

Back then my friends and I would search the web for freeware aircraft and vehicles. We stumbled upon hundreds of different things. Of course we would share the files so that everyone will see the plane as well.

Now a decade later we have the same problem… I need to send everyone the freeware files so that others see my liveries and planes. This games already streams so much data I feel like they could have at least shared the Plane models and textures in multiplayer as well. I would like and option where the game may load longer to download other players’ Planes.

Now I guess I can understand the difficulty with 3rd party aircraft not in the marketplace, but I can’t even see my friends’ 787 since I didn’t buy the game and only have the gamepass. For me they are a generic plane floating a few feet above the taxiway…

At least add a way to Stream the Liveries and Marketplace Planes to other players so that I can see their planes and liveries correctly.

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