Unprompted banking in Grand Caravan

I was flying out of Rotterdam today in the Cessna Grand Caravan. I did a gentle left turn and then without warning the onscreen yoke turned hard right and the plane crashed into the Rhine. There was no input from me and the stick seems to be working fine. I reloaded the flight and noticed that when I was lined up on the runway the yoke was hard over to fhe right.

I then reloaded the game and took off as normal but almost immediately the yoke went hard over to the right again.

I checked the sensitivity setting for my Saitek stick and ecerything was fine. Has anyone else come across this and is there a fix?

Probably another key/controller binding conflicting I would guess.

Any other controllers (like an XBox controller) plugged in? Keybiding on the keyboard, something like that.

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I’m running the program on a PC using a Reverb G2 VR headset and a Saitek Joystick, rudder pedals and throttle bank. Nothing of my setup or equipment has changed, this just happened out of the blue.

Was your joystick still active? I had a catastrophic “hard over” incident mid-flight due to my rudder pedals disconnecting. An un-commanded full deflection could mean a power loss to the controller.

It may be an unconnected incident so what I do may not be your problem or fix. But I occasionally get the same and usually when downward or upward pressure has very little effect. I set one key on my joystick to reset the trim and when I feel no back pressure on the controls I press this button and all is normal, with no spasmodic left/right movement and full control maintained.

It doesn’t happen too often but the button works really well to equalise everything. It may not be called that in the controls, I have memory problems due to meds for severe pain. Mostly it is the King Air 350i that shows this problem for me personally.