Unreal Weather - Live METAR Mod

Wow! @duesen

Thanks man!



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Maybe a strange question but why do we need to get some sort of token from a 3rd party website for this to work ??


That’s an interesting point, @Joaninha4185, thanks for the suggestion!

@patrickb1973, the data ultimately comes from NOAA, but AVWX does much much of the legwork for us. Thanks!

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Ok got it thanks for answering, was just wondering. Great mod btw. thanks for making it and keeping it up to date

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Well Duesen:

Flew over my buddies house in Wisconsin, Usa, and had him go outside to make a pic…

compare it to the screeny, with aerosols on

i’d say, just about right. Well done.

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Just to say thank you very much because since two days that I used this mod, it makes a positive change in the skies, turbulence are more accurate imo and stronger in bad weather conditions certainly because of the good deal with the winds that your mod adds… which is fully appreciated!
I feel it this way, keep up the great inspiration Captain and again: thank you! :wink:


@CaptClarence125 I told you that you would like it once you got it all figured out. Glad it solves your approach METAR issues. I had a feeling that it would. @duesen does some good work.

Someday you will have to teach me how to use that gadget other than flight planning.

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Hey @duesen I wonder if anyway to bring in data for air quality from a service like https://aqicn.org/api/ or www.aircheckr.com and give the aerosol parameter in MFS something to do as it isn’t something METAR seems to record unless a dust storm or significant smoke event is in the aerodrome area? Rather than per Aerodrome, say RJ* will use the air quality data for Japan as a first draft? If it works well, could get more granular to a smaller region of a country?

Well, METAR reports often contain indicators such as mist or fog, too. They are all supported by the mod, but turned off by default, as changing aerosol density values continuously leads to FPS drops currently. (That’s an MSFS issue, really.)

What you’re suggesting could be a good alternative, though. As I understand, these sources cover much broader areas than individual METAR stations do, so such changes can be minimized. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) The issue, however, is how to query those sources appropriately. With AVWX I have the luxury of getting METARs just by my plane coordinates. I am not positive that these AQ services can be queried using the same arguments. AQICN seems to require a city name (??), which I don’t have at my disposal. Even if I did, how would the service distinguish between, say, Paris, France and Paris, TX? Not to mention, that’s an extra API token for the users to acquire.

Edit: They seem to have a lat/lon interface, too.

Thank for replying @duesen , yes it is an added overhead to the mod and an inconvenience to acquire another key for the user. I notice there is an fps drop when initial Aerosol value is injected into the scene for about 2 seconds but recovers to normal after that. I have searched a bit and found another service that might be useful https://www.weatherbit.io/api/airquality-current , it allows use of lat /long co-ordinates. Its really a light suggestion, I am not a programmer but understand the terminologies. Ultimately if there is a way to infer an air quality value from the existing AVWX service that’s the ideal scenario I guess. But its an interesting data point I hope can be utilized in the future somehow.

This is an absolute game-changer until they manage to get live weather working. Flying today from an airport with the following weather KPVB 112135Z AUTO 10012G16KT 10SM CLR 23/16 A2982 RMK AO1 T02300160 (VFR) and it was perfectly matched in-game (minus the gusts) and when I turned on live weather for a second it was IFR conditions, fog, low visibility, thunderstorms, and rain. Now just an hour two earlier there were MVFR conditions with overcast at around 1300 but there hasn’t been any rain in the area in days. Flying before was truly frustrating, now I can actually look up METAR’s to find what conditions I will actually encounter.

The only thing needed yet is winds aloft. Now, I’m only flying low and slow VFR stuff for now, but today, there were extremely strong winds aloft, even at 2500 feet the winds today went from 12kt at the surface to well over 30 just a few thousand feet up. But that is way out of my scope of knowledge. For now, though, this is so much better than the default weather.

Thanks for all your hard work.

@SoloTwo42 : Thank you! The wind gusts should be working. This was added in 1.4.

I’m using 1.4. The in-game weather at the surface didn’t show gusts nor did the ATIS. But honestly not a big deal. Winds aloft are more of an issue but not sure how possible that is to even implement, simply amplifying the surface winds is better than nothing.

But as an example at my house right now we have 18mph surface winds, and even at just 350 feet the speed jumps to 29mph, 39mph at 2500ft, and then at FL140, we have winds at only 17mph in the opposite direction, if only we could inject Windy.com directly into the sim lol.

For now, while not perfect, is a lot better than the current state of default live weather.

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Is there any way we can donate to you? I would love to toss a few bucks your way for saving me from having to purchase the certain other weather mod.

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Definitely! Same feeling, Unreal Weather is a game-changer!



Just released ver. 1.5, which includes the following:

  • Altimeter indicator in METAR now takes priority when calculating MSL pressure. Thanks again, @cca777pilot !
  • Weather Settings panel now refreshes itself properly
  • High-elevation winds can be disabled in the mod settings
  • Other minor improvements

See the link at the top of this thread. Thanks!


Amazing! Trying this out tomorrow.

Could I ask you to explain what the ‘ignore weather at this airport’ ATC command does? Can’t see if a different with/out it enabled. ATC assigns me the wrong airport regardless :sweat_smile:

Great addon…working very well! :slight_smile:
Flying yesterday near an Airport in Canada with 250/10G20, the constant 20kn gusts were a bit too much though, it was a wild ride in the Mooney. Maybe the frequency of the gusts could be tuned down a bit with increased strength (the higher the gust speed, the less frequent they hit)?

Also, would it be possible to have a github page for the mod, so we could simply use a github desktop client to sync new versions easily? Works very nice with many other MSFS mods.
It would be great if the api key config could then be moved to an own config file that wont be overwritten with every update.

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About the gusts: Sure, I think it is a good idea. Thanks!

About GitHub: You ought to take into the account that the majority of the mod’s users are not that technical. As of now, deploying the mod manually and adding their token is a low enough barrier for them. Bringing GitHub into the picture will only complicate things for many. On the other hand, I may create an installer/config editor to provide some additional convenience, yet first I’d wait for the official changes to materialize: it sounds like Asobo is going to rewamp the UI pretty soon, at least if I read them right.

Externalizing the settings/token into a separate file - I could not find a suitable way to do so, unfortunately.

Thanks again!

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