Unrealistically Tall Auto-gen Buildings - Again!

Looks like with this latest Update (5) the tall Auto-Gen buildings are back. Is anyone else having this issue besides me?

No one else has reported it, trying reinstalling the buildings file in the content manager

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I was just flying by my downtown area. There are a lot more way too tall buildings now than there were last patch. Significantly more. Although they’re not stupidly tall skyscrapers like 2 patches ago. But still, way too many and way too tall.I live in a small city. We don’t have super tall buildings. A few 10-12 story buildings in the downtown and that’s it.

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Clean your caches.

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@Crunchmeister71 have you cleaned your cache? If not try and see if it changes anything

Ohhh I have an idea. They may have tweaked it so that buildings weren’t too short in cities, and because your downtown area has a few tall buildings, the algorithm interpreted it as having more similar buildings

Yeah, right before updating, I cleaned my cache and moved all my mods and liveries out in preparation.

In any case, it’s not cached data. My downtown looks drastically different than it did a few hours ago. So they’ve most definitely made changes to the AI. Not saying it’s terrible. Just agreeing that there’s not an excessive number of tall buildings again, only not as tall as there were previously.

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I bet it’s what I had said before, to try to make it so buildings in cities weren’t too small

Yes I did clear my cache but it’s still there. And for me at least, it looks like it did 2 patches ago. Oh well guess I’ll have to deal with it.

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I just checked. The distribution.toml file has not been updated since last patch, only the grammar.pggmod has been changed. I don’t think that has anything to do with the building height (someone with more experience can correct me)

I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I think the distribution.toml file is what contains the height info and such.

Try moving that folder (bf-ppg) into a temporary folder and let the simulator reinstall it.