Unusable after update

Everything loads then this happens after plane sits ready…

After the standard update did you make sure you did all the additional updates from within the Content Manager as well?

Thanks for the reply, no but I’ll give it a try. Splash screens and startup all worked fine but as soon as it came to the plane I was going to fly my computer screen as you can see look like fractured glass.

Yeah its a strange update system but there are like another 20GB+ of required updates in the Content Manager

Thanks again for the info. Getting late in my tz so I’ll update the rest tomorrow. :blush:

Go into dev mode and see if it has wireframe set to on in options. For some reason SU5 turned off clouds in dev mode and it took me a while to figure what had happened.

Can anyone comment if the Oculus debug tool is still useful after the SU5 update?

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